General Insurance Claims Procedure and Checklists Cover
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Property Insurance Claims

Property Insurance provides cover for physical loss or damage. Types of claims include Burglary, Small Fires, Business Interruption, Accidental Damage, Malicious Damage, Money Loss and Glass Breakage.


Small Property Insurance Claims

What to Do

In the event of a claim:

  • Immediately contact your insurance broker or insurer to report the claim and arrange an assessor to be appointed, if required.
  • Return a claim form as soon as practicable (within 7 days).
  • In the event of burglary, malicious damage and/or money loss Immediately report the matter to Police.
  • Retain any damaged property or equipment until otherwise authorised by the insurers.

Remember to:

  • Minimise loss by taking precautions to secure premises or vehicle to prevent further damage.
  • Never admit liability as it is up to your insurers to accept or reject liability.
  • Communication is important and all documentation should be forwarded as quickly as possible after the incident.


Large Property Insurance Claims

What to Do

Following the occurrence of a major loss and the summoning of emergency assistance where appropriate, your broker or insurer will arrange for a loss assessor to be on site without delay.

The claims management plan is a three phase operation:

  • Immediate post loss phase
  • Rehabilitation phase
  • Settlement phase



Loss Occurrence Rehabilitation Settlement
Emergency services summoned (Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Police)
  • Fires extinguished
  • Injured taken to Hospital
  • Security protection
  • Interim staffing arrangements
  • Emergency production
  • Reconstruction plans evaluated
  • Certification of completion of repairs
  • Scrutiny of accounts by loss assessors
  • Submission of initial claim on underwriters
Notify your broker
  • Underwriters notified
  • Loss assessors appointed, visit site
Architect and engineer plans and specifications Review of your claim with insurance broker and underwriter/loss assessors
Temporary repairs
  • Dangerous structures made safe
  • Protective hoardings erected
Loss assessors report to underwriters Agreement on adjustments to claim
Counter disaster plan activated Tenders called for reconstruction of work Claims release executed
Staff and workforce informed of effect on operations Reconstruction work undertaken Collection of claims expenses for submission to your insurer
Customers and suppliers informed of interruption Separate accounts for cost allocation Payment of agreed claim amount (for Business interruption claims)
Emergency alternative production facilities organised Progress payments authorised through loss assessor
Preliminary plans for rehabilitation Supervision and advice from insurer broker

After Advice or A Quote

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General Insurance Claims Procedure and Checklists Cover


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